Africa Science Week - Science at Angola Development Center

Schedule: 08:00
Auditório do Complexo Privado Escolar

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AFRICA SCIENCE WEEK - Science at Angola Development Center

The purpose of this conference is to bring in various stakeholders (line ministries, academies, research centers, leaders or industry representatives, students and professionals from the CTEAM areas) to address the promotion of scientific research and the use of its results to effectively promote sustainable development of the Continent / Country and consequently improve our lifestyle (eg the application of science in the environment, agriculture, medicine, education, water and energy quality, etc.).
Here are some proposed panels for this conference:
✓ Panel 1: Science and the Law - What laws regulate scientific research in Angola?
✓ Panel 2: Science and Education: - The importance of Research Laboratories, Innovation Centers, and incubators to accelerate Scientific and Technological Innovation in Academies
✓ Panel 3: The state of research centers in Angola and the importance of scientific research for the creation of medical solutions.
✓ Panel 4: The Role of Scientific Research in Agriculture.
✓ Panel 5: The Importance of Scientific Research for Improving Water Quality.
✓ Panel 6: Renewable Energy… What Future for Angola?
✓ Panel 7: Environment (Nature): How science can help prevent natural disasters.

Organization: +244 944 936 636

Auditório do Complexo Privado Escolar
KIFICA - Rua do Comité de Ação do MPLA,

Food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, glassware, sharp objects, weapons and any type of illegal substance are expressly prohibited.

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