Ingresso Prático is the most complete platform for managing, distributing, and marketing tickets through the Internet, by telephone, and by the network of points of sale. We offer several innovative solutions of quality, based on a complete operational infrastructure that allows us to attend in an optimized way.
Leadership in the domestic market for ticket sales, diversification of new technologies and tools, excellence and continually promoting a set of services that contribute to the success of all our customers.
To make the platform that offers convenience, practicality, innovation and total convenience in the purchase of the tickets. To be a reference ticket office, recognized as the best option for clients, and greater cultural agenda integrating all the cultural activities of Angola.
Customer appreciation and satisfaction: To exceed customer expectations; 

Continuous improvement and innovation: Offer advanced technologies and tools; 

Security: Preventive actions to eliminate fraud and copies of tickets; 

Trust and loyalty: Professionalism, rigor in operations, transparency, and credibility.
Ticket Production
Physical ticket is one of the most important memories of an event. Personalization and security are of particular relevance. Through our most distinguished designers we have created several layouts, depending on the concept and image of each event. Our tickets are the safest in the market, made of filigree paper and with various security items such as: numismatic background, microlinhas in fluorescent ink, colored fibers, bar code holographic stamp and watermark.
Access Control System
In the process of security and access control, we use the highest technology that verifies the veracity of the tickets through the bar code, in addition to easily integrate the entire system with a ticketing team at the venue. The system ensures the management of terminals, entrance doors, ticket typologies, allowing easy control of situations of loss and fraud. In addition, it provides all the information recorded, being possible to have the notion of the number of people that are in the event.

More information:
Company Name: Ingresso Prático, Ltda
Commercial Permit: 002015105767
Business Registration: 2015.11138
NIF: 2403128392 CAE: 93040

Fiscal Address
Viana - Luanda
Rua Cafezeiro, 137 - Luanda Sul