1. Is it safe to buy over the Internet?

Totally safe. Just a few clicks on your computer, at home or at work, at any time of the day or night for you to have your ticket in hand.

2. Is the Practical Ticket site safe?

The Ingresso Prático site is secure, and we preserve your personal information. All data entered in the registration form is transmitted in safe mode, where all information is encrypted and only our server can interpret it.

3. Where can I buy my tickets?

On the site or points of sale.

4. How can I buy my tickets?

Site: Choose the ticket you want to buy, make your registration, define the delivery method, upload your wallet or make payment by credit card. View all data before finalizing your purchase, then you will receive your ticket by email.

Points of sale: Go to one of the points of sale closest to you. For information about points of sale, simply go to the points of sale option in the footer of the site.

5. Do I need to register to make a purchase?

Yes, you need to register to make any purchase. Registration is simple and easy. The Practical Ticket does not reveal your data to anyone under any circumstances.

6. What are the forms of payment?

Payment can be made through credit card or virtual wallet, from which it must be charged.

7. How can I upload my wallet?

You can upload your wallet through: Multicaixa, Reload, or Internet Banking.


1. Select the "Payments" option,

2. Select the "Next screenoption,

3. Select the "Online Shopping" option,

4. Enter your customer number (this number is automatically generated at registration): 000 000 XXX,

5. Enter the amount you want to load,

6. Confirm your upload.


Buy your recharge at any of the points of sale or at one of the authorized agents.


1. Select the "Service Payments" option,

2. Enter the number of the Entity (00669),

3. Enter the Reference number (This number is automatically generated upon registration): 000 000 XXX,

4. Enter the amount you want to load,

5. Confirm your upload.

8. Can I carry my wallet with any amount or just the value corresponding to the ticket?

We advise you to charge a value higher than the ticket amount so you avoid traveling multiple times. Your remaining balance will always be available in your account and will not be discounted, so you can buy other tickets at any time, day, and / or year.

9. What is the delivery method?

The ticket is delivered by email.

10. What should I do when I arrive at the venue?

You should look for the Ticket of Practical Ticket and present an original identity document with photo and ticket, in order to be validated.

11. What is the responsibility of the practical entrance in the organization, production and execution of the events?

None. The Practical Ticket is only a sales channel contracted by the organizers and producers of events to carry out the management, validation and control of the tickets. The companies or persons responsible for the events are duly identified on our website. Suggestions and complaints about the event should be made directly with those responsible for the event.

12. Can I use the ticket that is on someone else's behalf?

 Yes, but you must present the purchase invoice, and a simple copy of your identity document.

13. I placed an order with more than one ticket and they all left on my behalf. Can other people use them?

Yes, all people must be with you, tickets will be validated at one time, you will not be allowed to partially validate the tickets.

14. Can I cancel my order?

No exchanges or refunds of tickets are accepted.

15. Will I be refunded if the event is canceled?

Yes, within a maximum of 5 days. However, the amount will be refunded to your virtual account.

16. Do I have to register when I make a new purchase?

No. Once you have made your registration you will have your email, password, and customer number. Simply enter your data into the system once, and all details will be automatically added to your purchase order.